Meet Dr. McCoy

Meet Dr. Lisa McCoy

Certified Botox and Filler Specialist in Snoqualmie, WA

Dr. Lisa McCoy’s passion is aesthetics. She primarily focuses on cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers (i.e., Juvéderm® & Restylane®) that restore a more youthful appearance, helping people feel beautiful and look rejuvenated. Her goal is to enhance each patient’s natural beauty in a way that leaves them looking and feeling their absolute best.

A Specialist in Cosmetic Injectables

Through her substantial education, training, and experience, Dr. McCoy developed expertise in facial analysis and muscle composition. Having performed thousands of aesthetic procedures for the last seven years on patients, she is able to specifically tailor an individual treatment regimen using Botox and dermal fillers for each patient. Treatment focuses on achieving an enhanced but natural and refreshed look. She also has advanced experience using Botox to treat patients seeking relief from headaches and TMJ.  

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Dr. McCoy’s Background, Training, and Affiliations

Dr. McCoy’s extensive training includes graduating from the University of Michigan with a B.S. degree in Biopsychology and Neuroscience, then attending New York University College of Dentistry, where she obtained a D.D.S. degree. Realizing her primary interest lay in providing patients with high-quality aesthetic services, Dr. McCoy obtained training and certifications in the use of cosmetic injectables. This includes primary and advanced certifications from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the National Laser Institute, and then advanced training from Allergan (creators of Botox). Dr. McCoy has completed the Master Expert Series through Allergan Medical Institute. Furthermore, Dr. McCoy is a member of the American Facial Esthetics Academy and the American Med Spa Association.

Dr. McCoy’s Interests and Home Life

Dr. McCoy grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and now resides in the Snoqualmie Valley area with her family. Her pride and joy are her two children, JJ and Ella. When she is not in the office, she enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor surroundings by running, hiking, and skiing. 

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A Conversation with Dr. McCoy

I wanted to pursue a career in health care as I wanted to help people feel better. Whether to get them out of pain or look better, it all stems from want to care for others. The human body is fascinating and science was always my favorite subject.  

I have always loved aesthetics even from a young age. My mom would always joke that for Halloween I always wanted to be something pretty like a princess or fairy, with full make-up and hair done for each costume (I even made a witch costume a pretty witch). I find it fascinating that we have so many wonderful products that I can use to restore youth and beauty.

I went to undergraduate college at the University of Michigan majoring in Pre-med and obtaining a B.S in Biopsychology and Neuroscience. I graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 2009. I have been doing facial aesthetic procedures for over 7 years, with primary and advanced training from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the National laser Institute, and Allergan Medical Institute (the creators of Botox). Furthermore, I have completed the Master Expert series in Aesthetics with Allergan. I love to learn new things and ways to do things. I think it is important to never stop learning, which I never will!

I always strive to enhance a person’s beauty naturally and restore lost youth without drastically changing someone’s features. I try my best to listen to a patient’s concerns and come together with a treatment plan which is going to meet all their goals.

Helping people achieve their aesthetic goals makes me very happy. I provide people services that improve the way they feel about themselves, and witnessing their transformation is very rewarding. We all have little things that we would like to change about our appearance and if I am able to help through non surgical means, I consider that a big win!

I like that I can improve a client’s appearance easily and in turn it can make them feel better about themselves. It is very rewarding to help people and make their goals come true. It does feel great to hear a patient love my work and continue to see me for many years.

You will not be another number at my practice. I am a small boutique practice that focuses on quality of results and care, not the number of patients. I strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with a wonderful transformation. My number one goal is to enhance natural beauty and work to realize the goals we both want to achieve. I stay up to date on emerging technology and products and work to provide outstanding care in a comfortable environment.

I like to think that I’m naturally intelligent, but I think the easy answer is I have a lot of passion for everything that is associated with being a doctor. I enjoy science classes and find the human body fascinating and enjoy learning about it. I am one of those nerds who did enjoy school very much in almost all subjects. Except for Calculus… I’m still confused on that subject.

Confident, Perfectionist, Creative

I love the outdoors! I enjoy running, skiing and hiking. 

I’m aging too! Even though I still feel young at heart, I realize that my face and body is changing. For this reason, I use Botox in a number of areas in my face and neck. I am able to do my own Botox on myself, which gives me incredible knowledge on how products work in different areas. I can explain the advantages and disadvantages from personal experience and not just what it says on the back of the box. 


I also use fillers in many areas. I have learned what areas produce the best outcome and how long they last. I have tried so many products on the market and only work with the best for my patients.


Lastly, I am a mother of two kids. I know how straining life can be taking care of a family and/or pets. You take care of everyone around you and self care tends to come last for us. I implore you to do things that make you feel more confident and better about yourself. If aesthetic treatments are it, then do that for yourself. If it’s something else then do that. You deserve love and care too.

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