The Sun vs. Injectables: How to Protect Your Skin

Many people mistakenly believe sun exposure will not adversely affect their dermal fillers. Unfortunately, too much direct sunlight can damage skin, whether treated or untreated. The UV radiation from sunlight can degrade hyaluronic acid, which is the primary ingredient in many injectable products. While this isn’t likely to occur as soon as you step out into the sunlight, sun exposure over time – especially when your skin is still healing – could accelerate your dermal fillers’ breakdown.

At Ageless Aesthetics, expert injector Dr. Lisa McCoy understands the desire to soak up the sun’s rays in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun can hide behind clouds even in the summer. However, it’s critical to understand what the sun can do to your skin and how to protect yourself while still enjoying time outdoors.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers consist of a smooth gel that’s available in different thicknesses and particle sizes. When injected into the skin, these products restore volume and hydration beneath the surface for a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Most fillers we use at Ageless Aesthetic have hyaluronic acid as their main component. This molecule naturally occurs inside the human body, where it strengthens and hydrates the skin and connective tissues. HA’s biocompatible nature also makes allergic reactions to dermal fillers uncommon.

Ways to Protect Your Skin

The sun is one of the leading causes of premature signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and textural irregularities that are challenging to get rid of without help from a qualified aesthetic medical professional. You don’t want to make an investment into your skin, only to have it compromised later.

You likely already know many ways to proactively prevent sun damage, and you should continue using these strategies after getting dermal fillers. For example, you can be diligent about wearing sunscreen with an SPF or 30 or higher, eat a diet rich in antioxidants, and wear protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat whenever you go outside.

After getting dermal fillers, remember, there is no healthy or safe way to tan. You might simulate the desired results with bronzer or self-tanning spray, but make sure to check with your expert injector before you use it.

What Types of Dermal Fillers Can You Choose From?

At Ageless Aesthetics, Dr. McCoy offers various consistencies for you to choose from. Thicker formulas such as Juvederm Voluma XC  are used for Cheeks and Chin. A moderate viscosity filler like Juvederm Vollure is used for Nasiolabial folds and marionette lines. And the softest, most buttery filler Juvederm Volbella is used in lips and near the undereye area.

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